Review by Andrew Everard, Hi-Fi Critic July-Sept 2017

There are ways to tackle an entire library, though, using automated programs to check, amend and unravel tagging... SongKong will do everything almost any of us will ever need - and it may well prove very addictive the more its possibilities are explored.
Review by Jon Myles, Hi-Fi World July 2017

Anyone who has thousands of songs stored will know how difficult it is to keep this consistent. SongKong is a powerful tool designed to make tagging digital music files with metadata (song,album, composer, artist etc) as well as adding album artwork as easy as possible. Special attention has also been paid to Classical music - with SongKong capturing information such as composer, conductor, perfomreers and even Movement numbers where appropriate.

Review by Paul McGowan, founder and CEO of PS Audio

How is it that I found out the name? I ran it through a program that fixed much of my library. This amazing program not only identified 100% of every unidentified track I owned, it also found duplicates, fixed names, years, and provided better cover art than I had. It was the best $32 I had spent. This was some time ago and now that program has been updated and improved and it is still the best $32 a person with a library can spend.

The program is called SongKong. Yes, a bit goofy of a name and the website’s not much to write home about, but it is a rather brilliant piece of work. And most important, it works.