SongKong 10.8 Parade is the latest release - available from 10th of July 2024

SongKong is available for MacOS, Windows, Linux and Docker supporting devices such as Synology Disk Stations, Qnap servers and unRaid and the Melco Digital Music Library server

Without a license SongKong runs in Lite mode.

The Metadata Status Report and Manual Metadata Editing are both fully functional in Lite mode and can be controlled directly with the Desktop application or via a web browser using the Remote User Interface

Other tasks can be run on many songs as you like in preview mode, you can see exactly what changes would be made but no changes are actually saved to your songs without buying a license.

To convert from Lite to a full installation you just have to buy the correct license and enter the license details.

Downloads for Legacy Operating Systems

Looking for versions for legacy operating systems such as Windows 32-bit or MacOS for versions earlier than 10.12, follow this link