By purchasing SongKong you get:

At any time after a year you can continue to use your existing version of SongKong at no cost, or for a small fee purchase another year of Version Updates, the year period starts from the day you purchase the version updates package.

Pro and Commercial offer additional features over the Standard version, full details here

License Type Price Purchase
SongKong Standard £30 ($38 USD) Add to Cart
SongKong Pro £40 ($51 USD) Add to Cart
SongKong Commercial £99 ($120 USD) Add to Cart
One year of Version Updates £10 ($12 USD)
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Upgrade Standard to SongKong Pro £12 ($15 USD)
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The total price for SongKong is shown above, there are no other additional taxes.

If purchasing Pro Upgrade or Version Updates and your current email address does not match the email address used for the original SongKong purchase please enter the original email address into the Original Email Address field so that payment can be allocated correctly, your registered SongKong email address can be seen by selecting the About menu within SongKong.