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By purchasing a Melco license for SongKong you get:

-> The full program without limitations and no expiry
-> Unlimited email and forum support for life.
-> Free updates to later versions for 1 year after purchase.
-> Participate in improvements to SongKong by providing feedback.
-> Can be installed on upto three computers for use by one person.
-> Same license valid for PC, Mac and Linux.

At any time after a year you can continue to use your existing version of SongKong at no cost or for a small fee purchase another year of free version upgrades, the year period starts from the day you purchase the version upgrades package.

Melco License £50 ($62 USD)
Melco License (Melco N1 discount) £40 ($50 USD)
N1 Serial No:
One year of version upgrades £10 ($50 USD)

Please Read
The total price for SongKong is shown above, there are no other additional taxes.

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