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SongKong Installation

Installation details for different operating systems below

Install for MacOS

  • Download and mount songkong-osx.dmg
  • Drag SongKong to Applications Link
  • Start SongKong from Applications folder

Install for Windows

  • Download correct Windows download for your system
  • Double click to automatically unzip and install, follow the installation instructions
  • After installation run SongKong.exe

Install for Linux

  • Download songkong-linux.tgz
  • tar zxf songkong-linux.tgz
  • ./ and follow instructions
  • After installation run ./

Install for Linux (Headless)

This installer can be used on a headless environment where no Graphical User Interface is available.

  • Download songkong-linux-headless.tgz
  • tar zxf songkong-linux-headless.tgz
  • Run ./ to complete installation and start songkong
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