SongKong 8.1 Scar is the latest release - available from 7th of January 2022

We have been working closely with high-end audio company Melco for over two years to develop SongKong for the Melco platform, and to provide additional features helpful to their customers, this includes close integration with the MinimServer 2 uPNP server.

SongKong is now officially available for all Melco models, both the new EX series and the existing N10, N100, N1 Mk1 and Mk2 models

All models can now install SongKong directly from the Melco front panel, the license provided depends on the Melco model - full details here.

A Melco license also allows you to install SongKong on upto two other supported devices such as Apple Mac, Windows PC, Linux server and Qnap, Synology and unRaid Nas servers, installation details for these platforms can be found here

Installation Instructions