Buy another Year of Version Updates

With a Jaikoz license purchase you have free access to all Jaikoz updates for one year.

At any time after a year you can continue to use your existing version of Jaikoz at no cost or for a small fee purchase another years worth of version updates. If your existing right to use new versions has not already expired then the purchase will add another year of access after the expiry date, otherwise the year period starts from the day you purchase the version upgrades package.

You can also purchase discounted two and three year packages

Paying a small yearly amount supports ongoing development of new features and support. It also helps us with the monthly cost of serving metadata, such as fees we must pay for hosting the Albunack server and accessing Acoustid.

License Type Price Purchase
One year of Version Updates £11 ($14 USD)
  Original Email Address 
Two years of version updates £20 ($25 USD)
  Original Email Address 
Three years of version updates £29 ($35 USD)
  Original Email Address 

Please Read
If your current email address does not match the email address used for the original Jaikoz purchase please enter the original email address into the Original Email Address field so that payment can be allocated correctly, your registered Jaikoz email address can be seen on the title bar of the main Jaikoz window.