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Jaikoz comes in two versions, Standard and Pro. You can see a summary of the differences here. You can upgrade from a Jaikoz to a Jaikoz Pro license here for the price of £10

Jaikoz 9.3.0 released October 17th 2017


  • [JAIKOZ-1167] - If marked as classical and has a MusicBrainz_WORK we add the value to OVERALL_WORK
  • [JAIKOZ-1176] - Add Instrument as a separate field for Classical
  • [JAIKOZ-1183] - Populate SingleDiscTrackNo from MusicBrainz
  • [JAIKOZ-1185] - Add support for ISWC and IPI fields
  • [JAIKOZ-1192] - Add MinimServer Group field
  • [JAIKOZ-1199] - Add support for LYRCIST_SORT field


  • [JAIKOZ-1178] - Add PartType, WorkType fields
  • [JAIKOZ-1193] - Discogs match to Release Exception
  • [JAIKOZ-1194] - MultiRowCellEditorUsingCombo NullPointerException
  • [JAIKOZ-1195] - DJ Mixer Producer, Mixer, Engineer not saved when edit on Relation tab
  • [JAIKOZ-1196] - Error adding multiple people on Relations tab if have ID3Edit tab active
  • [JAIKOZ-1197] - ID3Edit tab doesnt let you add multiple producers/remixers etc

Jaikoz 9.2.0 released July 31st 2017


  • [JAIKOZ-1166] - Special processing for Add composer to album title when only one disc of BoxSet
  • [JAIKOZ-1172] - Show license Purchase Date in About dialog
  • [JAIKOZ-1173] - Add manual Classical music exception list, i.e this release is not Classical
  • [JAIKOZ-1174] - Store classical composers list in properties file
  • [JAIKOZ-1175] - Lookup AcousticBrainz info directly from acousticbrainz.org


  • [JAIKOZ-1152] - Help/ID3 Specification link does not work
  • [JAIKOZ-1159] - Multiple PERFORMERS not being saved to Flac
  • [JAIKOZ-1160] - Match to Specified MusicBrainz Id allowing invalid null to be sent to MusicBrainz
  • [JAIKOZ-1161] - isGoodArtistTitleMatch() doesnt work well for Classical music, Classical should be calling ClassicalMusicArtistCreditChecker
  • [JAIKOZ-1162] - Database not large enough for some songs metadata
  • [JAIKOZ-1163] - Cannot read mp4s that use 64bit value for encoding Music data length
  • [JAIKOZ-1164] - Windows 1730 God mode bug
  • [JAIKOZ-1165] - Update Copyright Date at bottom of window
  • [JAIKOZ-1168] - Classical Album with two different album artists set for different tracks

Jaikoz 9.1.0 released December 15th 2016


  • [JAIKOZ-774] - Add option 'Just store main artist in artist' rather than including featured artists ectera
  • [JAIKOZ-1131] - Problems with Recording/Track artist credit for Classical
  • [JAIKOZ-1135] - Add Support for AutoPopulation of Classical fields
  • [JAIKOZ-1145] - Insert a piece of text automatically in all of chosen text cells
  • [JAIKOZ-1146] - Delete all metadata excepts Acoustids/Fingerprints
  • [JAIKOZ-1147] - Remapped new fields names so better preserved when files transcoded
  • [JAIKOZ-1148] - Pasting images from browser not working properly in OSX


  • [JAIKOZ-1144] - IsSoundtrack/IsClassical should accept true/false in setValue

Jaikoz 9.0.1 released November 5th 2016


  • [JAIKOZ-1412] - REGRESSION:Not loading artwork for Flac,Ogg, Mp4 and Wma files

Jaikoz 9 released November 1st 2016


  • [JAIKOZ-0208] - Vocal Artist: There should be a way to pull down the "Vocals performed by" information in some tag for the user to decide later if he wants to use it in the Artist or any other field.
  • [JAIKOZ-0467] - In ID3Edit tab Musicians Credit should work like Involved People field
  • [JAIKOZ-0975] - Add FBPM field to main edit window
  • [JAIKOZ-0976] - Allow user to set overwrite/add if empty options for BPM and FBPM fields
  • [JAIKOZ-1116] - Discogs Matching doesnt have options for Sort Artist and Sort Album Artist
  • [JAIKOZ-1127] - Saving of Wav files taking significantly longer for Jaikoz than SongKong
  • [JAIKOZ-1134] - Add support for getting AcousticBrainz attributes
  • [JAIKOZ-1136] - Add support for DSF file format
  • [JAIKOZ-1137] - Add Mood and Classical tabs to the Detail Panel
  • [JAIKOZ-1139] - Add INVOLVED_PERSON field to show unmapped TIPL pairs


  • [JAIKOZ-1103] - MB Track Id not exported as column in Advanced:Export
  • [JAIKOZ-1109] - Modified Rename Filename from metadata mask doesnt take affect until restart
  • [JAIKOZ-1111] - NullPointerException in SingleSongMatch
  • [JAIKOZ-1115] - REGRESSION:Jaikoz ignores MusicBrainz Sort Album Artist
  • [JAIKOZ-1117] - Regression:Jaikoz Sort Artist is using setting from Artist in updateArtistName()
  • [JAIKOZ-1119] - Missing track report cant report back for very large albums
  • [JAIKOZ-1122] - Jaikoz should read ID3 and INFO metadata for Wavs
  • [JAIKOZ-1123] - For Wavs if ID3 field doesnt have data but INFO tag does the INFO tag is not removed
  • [JAIKOZ-1125] - Ignore certain filenames such as 'Desktop' when parsing filename for metadata
  • [JAIKOZ-1128] - REGRESSION:Media Type ignored when scoring releases
  • [JAIKOZ-1129] - Lookup direct from MusicBrainz is failing
  • [JAIKOZ-1132] - Unable to save file because not filtering outs dots from metadata

Jaikoz 8.4.2 released January 15th 2016

This release is a small bug fix release.


  • [JAIKOZ-1100] - Album derived from folder is persisting even when single song was not eventually matched
  • [JAIKOZ-1105] - Multiple Songs Not being Matched - One Song At a Time will match
  • [JAIKOZ-1097] - queryByMetadata() fails if no artist could be derived from metadata
  • [JAIKOZ-1099] - If Songs in UnknownArtist/Album folder being treated as a single release causing timeout
  • [JAIKOZ-1108] - Unable to save changes to .ogg file with illegal ID3v1 tag at end

Jaikoz 8.4.1 released November 6th 2015

This release fixes an issue that stopped Aif and Wav files being added to iTunes if iTunes Update was enabled, plus a couple of other bugs.


  • [JAIKOZ-1091] - Aif and Wav files not being added to iTunes if iTunes update enabled
  • [JAIKOZ-1093] - NullPointerException in MultiEditorRowCombo
  • [JAIKOZ-1094] - java.nio.BufferUnderflowException reading Wav with lsome but ess than 4 bytes of padding data

Jaikoz 8.4.0 released November 3rd 2015

This release adds full support for reading and identifying Wav and Aiff files. They use the same tag format as Mp3s meaning that you also have access to the ID3Edit tab for these formats. There are also a number of improvements made to matching plus some bug fixes.


  • [JAIKOZ-1070] - Should not bother trying to do release metadata match unless have artist and release
  • [JAIKOZ-1079] - Saving Acoustids gets confused if filename has been modified but not saved
  • [JAIKOZ-1085] - Too many files exception when matching


  • [JAIKOZ-290 ] - Add support for AIFF format (which might use ID3v2 format for metadata)
  • [JAIKOZ-1071] - When have no metadata single song matching do more to find track AND artist
  • [JAIKOZ-1074] - SingleSong match should first match by artist+title+release if have data
  • [JAIKOZ-1075] - SingleSong matcher should filter out Compilation acoustid matches
  • [JAIKOZ-1083] - Add support for Wav with RIFF
  • [JAIKOZ-1088] - Make artist and track search fuzzy match tracks

Jaikoz 8.3.5 released September 8th 2015

Bug Fix Release

  • [JAIKOZ-1065] - Query by tracks needs an upper limit on how many tracks can be queries in one query
  • [JAIKOZ-1067] - Invalid attempt to get recordingId rather than trackId for Discogs check
  • [JAIKOZ-1068] - IsGoodArtist check not working well when comparing colloboration to one artist

Jaikoz 8.3.4 released August 20th 2015

Bug Fix Release

  • [JAIKOZ-1009] - Export to xls exportsComent language for Xls causing problem for Import
  • [JAIKOZ-1059] - OSX:Error opening files in Finder with right-click unless Jaikoz already running
  • [JAIKOZ-1060] - Incorrect check being done for Discogs matches

Jaikoz 8.3.3 released August 9th 2015

Ultimate Song identification


  • [JAIKOZ-1043] - isGoodArtistAndTitleMatch failing artist which just has additional 'the' in name
  • [JAIKOZ-1047] - ManualCorrect isAcoustid checkbox is never set
  • [JAIKOZ-1048] - Discogs matching should enable track duration check
  • [JAIKOZ-1053] - Matching to multidisc release can fail to match disc 2 because false match on disc 1


  • [JAIKOZ-1044] - Single song match doesnt do release match if metadata has song title
  • [JAIKOZ-1049] - Only allow recordings with same name AND SIMILAR DURATION to one with most sources
  • [JAIKOZ-1054] - Simplify album names when trying to find releases by metadata
  • [JAIKOZ-1057] - Try harder to find artists when grouping songs that have no artist

Jaikoz 8.3.2 released July 28th 2015

Lots more improvements to matching with Jaikoz 8.3.2 plus a few bug fixes


  • [JAIKOZ-0999] - Error with highlighter when drop folder into Jaikoz
  • [JAIKOZ-1037] - NullPointer with HighlightDuplicateMusicBrainzUniqueIds
  • [JAIKOZ-1039] - java.util.NoSuchElementException in ArtistTitle check
  • [JAIKOZ-1040] - OSX:Error copying album artwork directly from Google Chrome


  • [JAIKOZ-1023] - What do do if tie and onlyUseRecordingWithMostSources enabled
  • [JAIKOZ-1029] - Ignore track duration check if track was already matched by Acoustid
  • [JAIKOZ-1034] - Double check songs by metadata only matches checking artist and title
  • [JAIKOZ-1035] - Increase artist/title check for single song metadata match

Jaikoz 8.3.1 released July 17th 2015

Fixed an issue with one of the checks added in Jaikoz 8.3.0

  • [JAIKOZ-1033] - Artist/title double check for single song metadata matching is incorrect

Jaikoz 8.3.0 released July 17th 2015

The quest for the perfect matching algorithm continues, but we are certainly getting closer. With this new release we have made many improvements to the matching process. We now do more to groups songs correctly and find possible potential releases, such as searching for releases by track titles if no matches found by release title. And we are now stricter about accepting a match, we have added some additional checks to ensure it really is a good match. So the match rate is now higher, and at the same time incorrect matches are kept to a minimum.

  • [JAIKOZ-773] - Allowing Acoustid matches when metadata exists but is bad
  • [JAIKOZ-1005] - If artist name contains feat and get no matches strip out and try again
  • [JAIKOZ-1007] - When single song matching against Acoustid ensure we are selecting the correct song
  • [JAIKOZ-1013] - Dots not removed from filepath when after path separator
  • [JAIKOZ-1014] - When disc has more than two discs may not match because can match songs to wrong disc
  • [JAIKOZ-1018] - Ignore join phrased when matching artists
  • [JAIKOZ-1020] - Consider artist name when doing track scoring
  • [JAIKOZ-1022] - Always only use recording with most sources when single song matching
  • [JAIKOZ-1024] - Extend Acoustid title check to an artist check
  • [JAIKOZ-1026] - Additional processing when songs organized one folder per artist
  • [JAIKOZ-1027] - Search by metadata should search by artist and tracks if no match on release

Jaikoz 8.2.5 released July 9th 2015

In this release we have spent some time working out why some songs by Jaikoz do not get matched even though they exist in the Albunack database and we found as few bugs and improvements we could make.

  • [JAIKOZ-1003] -         Single song matching only matching by acoustids
  • [JAIKOZ-1004] -         Single song matching by acoustid should only use recording with most sources
  • [JAIKOZ-1005] -         If artist name contains feat and get no matches strip out and try again
  • [JAIKOZ-1010] -         Unable to create fingerprints on Windows if filepath greater than 260 characters

Jaikoz 8.2.4 released June 29th 2015

A new release of  Jaikoz with an important bug fix.

Jaikoz relaxes its matching criteria if it detects a folder that contains songs not limited to one album and artist. Whilst you may have some of your songs organized one folder per album its not uncommon to have folders containing songs from all kind of sources in no discernible order, fixing these in Jaikoz is why you bought it in the first place, right ?

If Jaikoz identifies such a folder it relaxes its matching criteria so even if Only Match all songs to one album if all songs in grouping were matched is enabled it is ignored allowing these songs to be matched without breaking up folders that have already been organized

But there was a bug preventing it properly matching songs in such a folder even if the option was disabled. Now with this fix it does its matching correctly for these types of folders, even if the option is enabled. So you should now get much better results when trying to match such folders.

Jaikoz 8.2.3 released June 6th 2015

A new release of  Jaikoz with a couple of bug fixes.

Firstly this includes modifications required to work with cover art added to Discogs in the last two months.

Then we have fixed two problems related to song titles and track total when matching multi-disc Discogs releases.

Then we have fixed a regression whereby the Only Update Year if Earlier option for the Year field was ignored so this field could be overwritten with a later date.

We recommend you update to this latest version of Jaikoz and then run Update Metadata from MusicBrainz and Update Metadata from Discogs to fix any data that may have been incorrectly added in earlier releases and to benefit from the very latest data added to MusicBrainz and Discogs.

Full details can be found here

Jaikoz 8.2.2 released April 29th 2015

A new release of  Jaikoz with a couple of bug fixes.

Delete Duplicate key check should be case insensitive

Delete Duplicate key check should be case insensitive to protect against tools that write identifiers with uppercase letters.

Only Allow Match if All Songs In Grouping Match to One Album should be true

Only Allow Match if All Songs In Grouping Match to One Album is defaulting to false on new install it should default to true otherwise existing songs grouped by album could be split if Jaikoz can match the songs but not all to the same album.

Jaikoz 8.2.1 released February 16th 2015

Preferences not preserved

The effect of the first regression was that any changes you made to your preferences may not be preserved upon update. If you updated from any of these combinations

  • 8.1 to 8.1.1
  • 8.1.1 to 8.2 
  • 8.1 to 8.2 

Full details on how to recover preferences can be found here

Error when trying to match a folder of random songs

This regression could result in an error occurring when trying to match a folder of random songs

Full details can be found here

Jaikoz 8.2.0 released February 13th 2015

Bpm Detection

Jaikoz (Pro Version) is one of the first applications to support the new AcousticBrainz acoustic information database. This acoustic information describes the acoustic characteristics of music and includes information such as bpm, moods, keys and scales.

As your songs are matched to MusicBrainz the BPM is added to your files together with all the other metadata already added by Jaikoz.With other BPM solutions the software has to listen to each song to calculate the BPM, this is slow and CPU intensive. But Jaikoz does not have to calculate the BPM itself for over 1 million songs because that work has already been done for you, instead it can just lookup the BPM for the MusicBrainz Recording that the song has been matched to. And because the BPM data has been added directly to the Jthink Music Server Jaikoz has to make no extra additional api calls to get this data, so adding BPM to your files takes no extra time.

Better Artwork

Discogs has a concept of primary artwork and secondary artwork, primary artwork contains the front cover art and secondary artwork was used for other images such as the back cover or sleeve inserts. It used to be that an editor could specify whether an image was primary or secondary. But now when editing the first image is always considered the primary image and all other images are secondary images, this order can be modified by dragging and dropping the images in Discogs to make a different image the primary image.

However the Discogs data dumps contain many releases that only contain secondary images and no primary images. The precise reason for this is still unclear but whereas Jaikoz previously ignored secondary images meaning no Discogs images was found for these releases this new version now makes use of the secondary image if a release contains no primary image but does contain secondary images.

Better Matching

If you have iTunes configured to make a copy of all songs added to it (the default) then any songs with no metadata are added to the Unknown Artist/Unknown Album folder. Jaikoz now realizes that this folder does not represent an actual album and therefore should be treated as one.

Rating now copied to Tunes

Unlike other metadata like artistname/albumname iTunes stores rating within its database which is why they don't get picked up by default.

So now if you have iTunes AutoUpdate enabled

  • If you modify the rating field within Jaikoz then that rating will be copied into iTunes database
  • If you don't modify the rating but your file has a rating the rating is not copied into iTunes because since the file was originally added to iTunes you may have changed the rating in iTunes and you would not want the iTunes rating to be overwritten with the original rating.
  • But if the file is not currently in iTunes then the rating is copied to iTunes regardless of whether it has been modifed.
  • If you use ForceSave then once again the rating will be copied to iTunes even if not modified.

Jaikoz not starting if language preferences set to Turkish

Usually bugs found in Jaikoz are of my own making, but not always. A bug in Java on OSX causes it to crash if the locale is set to Turkish and attempt is made to try and call an external program. Unfortunately that is just what we do when we start Jaikoz to check the fingerprinting program is installed, now fixed and thank you to Mehmet for bringing this problem to my attention.

The full list of fixes can be found here

Jaikoz 8.1.1 released January 20th 2015

Today we release Jaikoz 8.1.1 , this fixes an important regression that caused Jaikoz to no longer add the correct  Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort values for your songs, instead it was just using the Artist and Album Artist values.

We also fixed another issue with sort names, a release such as Ravenous is credited to both Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman , yet previously Jaikoz would only use the sort name of Damon Albarn as the value of Artist Sort, now it considers both names giving a sort name of Albarn, Damon & Nyman, Michael instead of just Albarn, Damon.

Jaikoz tries to weed out duplicate songs when matching a folder of songs to an album, but it was incorrectly identifying songs with the same name but actually different track lengths as different songs, such as the two versions of L.O.V.E on this release.

For Windows users Jaikoz now comes as a self-extracting zip, just like we did in the latest versoion of SongKong . This means just double-clicking on the installer will do a complete install. But because Internet Explorer has an annoying habit of renaming .exe files we keep the standard zip version of the installer as well, much easier to move to a better browser such as Firefox though.

Full list of fixes at the Issue Tracker

Jaikoz 8.1.0 released January 8th 2015

Today we release Jaikoz 8.1, this is very much a bug fix release.

Manual Correct From MusicBrainz was not showing metadata matches, only acoustid matches - this is now resolved.

Match to Specified Release was no longer letting you override warnings about track durations and acoustid title matching. This has been fixed and extended to allow override when matching by Catalogue No or barcode as well.

Correct Metadata from MusicBrainz could fail if you had music files directly in your root folder (i.e / on OSX or C:\ in Windows), now fixed.

NullPointerException at Match to Specified MusicBrainz release if release has release date but not release country now fixed.

Jaikoz using more memory as songs are fixed, this regression was introduced in Jaikoz 8.0.2 as aprt of another fix.

Performance improvements have been for dealing with matching large releases.

The full list of fixes can be found here

Jaikoz 8.0.2 released December 16th 2014

This is release fixes some more regressions introduced in the Jaikoz 8.0.0 release. You can see the complete list here

Jaikoz 8.0.1 released December 11th 2014

This is release fixes a number of minor problems. some of them introduced in the Jaikoz 8.0.0 release. You can see the complete list here

Jaikoz 8.0 released December 5th 2014

This is an exciting release because it is the first time Jaikoz uses the JThink Music Server for both Discogs and MusicBrainz matching.

This means
  • Faster Matching
  • More Accurate Matching 
  • More Reliable Service
Faster matching because the  JThink Music Server is optimized for release matching - and is optimized  to show the data Jaikoz requires, not more and not less, this results in a minimum amount of api calls. In contrast the MusicBrainz server has to support all many different scenarios and customers and understandably has to make compromises

More Accurate Matching search has been optimized to best match the algorithm used by Jaikoz, and additional data such as finding the original release of a release is returned with the match.

More Reliable Service MusicBrainz service is available to many applications and because of this usage can vary wildly, and at times can become unresponsive.  Because the Jthink Music Server is only used by Jaikoz and SongKong demands on the server are less, and unlike the MusicBrainz server the Jthink Music Server can automatically scale to multiple machines when demand does peak.

Some New Features

We have also added
  • Match Songs to one MusicBrainz Album by Catalog No
  • Match Songs to one Discogs Album by Barcode
  • Match Songs to one Discogs Album by Catalog No
and you can now
  • View this Song at AcousticBrainz
AcousticBrainz is a new site that does audio analysis on songs in the MusicBrainz database to work out attributes such as the Bpm or Danceability of a song. There will be deeper support for this in the next version of Jaikoz. You can help the AcousticBrainz project yourself by submitting your own songs for analysis.

 Many More Improvements

In this release the matching algorithm of Jaikoz has had a Spring clean, it has taken on most of the improvements implemented by SongKong plus added some new ones to give the fastest and most accurate matching so far.

We taken a look at any issues raised in the last year and fixed as many as we possibly could.

You can see all the 42 fixes and improvements made in this release here

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