Jaikoz 11.8 Belly released January 23rd 2024


JAIKOZ-89 Would like Capitalization without exceptions in filename e.g To The Manor not To the Manor

JAIKOZ-301 'Force Title Case' option in capitalizer for dealing with words that are always fully capslock that Jaikoz thinks are acronyms

JAIKOZ-1113 Allow user to change the words that are automatically lowercased when first word in brackets

JAIKOZ-1443 Add support for auto adding support file to server like we do with SongKong

JAIKOZ-1456 For Title Case Remove Preserve Acronyms Rule

JAIKOZ-1457 Update to use Java 21

JAIKOZ-1458 Update Look and Feel to latest version of FlatLaf

JAIKOZ-1460 Modify Multi Disc Releases to modify Disc Subtitle field rather than Album title

JAIKOZ-1461 Ignore Disc subtitle unless release has more than one disc

New Feature

JAIKOZ-1455 Add Capitalize 'Capitalizer Each Word' option


JAIKOZ-627 Title Case should not lowercase first letter after colon just because in lowercase list

JAIKOZ-1339 Word Replacer not liking mapping of comma , not being escaped properly

JAIKOZ-1448 Title column not displayed by default on Info tab

JAIKOZ-1450 Error Scoring when matching 2 disc release and optimize matrix because of high scoring song to track

JAIKOZ-1452 Match To Specified MusicBrainz Release not working correctly for Multi Disc Albums

JAIKOZ-1453 Jaikoz Title Capitalizer - ignore filetype

JAIKOZ-1454 Title Capitalizer is capitalizing The if after & even though it is in the exclusion list

JAIKOZ-1459 On Windows use later version of Installer to resolve multiple monitor issue