What is Jaikoz?

Jaikoz is a powerful music tagger application that can automatically fix your music collection, and with powerful spreadsheet like editing as well

Jaikoz uses MusicBrainz and Discogs online databases for matching music. It also uses Acoustid, allowing a song to be identified by the actual music, so it can do a match even if you have no metadata!

Jaikoz is super accurate, and can adds unsurpassed level of metadata detail, including special features for Classical music

The current release supports tagging of Flac, Aiff, Wav, Dsf, Mp4, M4a, Ogg, Mp3 and Wma files.

Jaikoz is available for Apple MacOS, Windows and Linux.

The latest release is Jaikoz 11.8 Belly, this was released on January 23rd 2024

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