Different ID3 Versions

Mp3s use store metadata using the ID3 format. Unfortunately there have been a number of different releases varying dramatically in functionality, an mp3 can have a v2 tags and these come in v2.2, v2.3 and v2.4 flavours. Many players do not support the latest v2.4 version, yet many taggers only write data in v2.4 format !

Jaikoz understands all versions, and you can convert from one version to another by simply changing the value selected in the Versions field, for example to change a file that currently uses v2.3 to use v2.4 just change the value of the Version field to ID3v24

Only some of my metadata is visible !

Mp3s can store both an v1 and a v2 tag, only one or even none, this can cause problems. For example you may have a title field in the v1 tag but not the v2 tag, some players would check both whereas others would ignore the v1 tag if there was a v2 tag.

Jaikoz has added special views especially for this

  • ID3v1
  • ID3v2
  • ID3 Merged

the three views help with finding any anomalies.

Save Version

The Save Preferences let you specify exactly how your mp3 are saved, you can save the same tag versions as the file originally had or specify any combination of v1 and v2 tags.

You can also select other advanced preferences such as the text encoding to use for multi-byte characters

iTunes Changes

If iTunes is being used you can configure Jaikoz to automatically sync changes made to the iTunes library, and configure what should be done when fixing new songs not in the iTunes library.