Different audio formats can be edited the same easy way

Music Formats

Jaikoz provides support for all popular audio formats, and they can be edited the same easy way. It supports M4a, Mp4 (audio), M4p (protected audio), Mp3 (ID3v1,v11,v22,v23 and v24), Wma (Windows media Audio), Flac and Ogg (Vorbis Audio) files.

Comprehensive Field Coverage

Jaikoz provides support for more fields than most taggers. For all formats it support editing of over 70 different fields. Here is the full Tag Mapping used by Jaikoz.

Spreadsheet Editing

Spreadsheets are very flexible they allow you to organise your data how you want, work on multiple rows and columns at the same time and make changes swiftly. So with Jaikoz the main way of editing your data is in the spreadsheet view, treating every piece of metadata in a song as a cell in the spreadsheet. As well as usual Copy, Paste and Delete functions Jaikoz adds many other useful functions such as Swap Columns, Prepend to Left, Capitalizer and Renumber Track Nos.

All songs can also be edited one at a time using the Detail Panel.

Spreadsheet Export/Import

If you actually want to use a real spreadsheet you can export your metadata in spreadsheet format, edit it within a spreadsheet and then import the changes back into Jaikoz.

You can do some clever things using this such as copying metadata from one copy of a song and applying it to another, it is also useful for cataloging your system or providing your metadata to other applications.

Comparing Changes

How do you see pending changes ?

Whenever a field is edited (either automatically or manually) the field background changes colour so you can easily see the fields that have changed. If the View Pane is enabled the display is split horizontally so you can compare metadata as it was when the songs were loaded with the currently edited versions. The Detail Pane presents shows information about the first song currently selected, and the Changes tab lists all pending changes for the song.

MP3 Editing

A Special ID3 Edit View (ID3 is what Mp3s use to store their metadata) provides an Mp3 centric view of your Mp3 metadata, and Jaikoz even shows the fields it doesn't support.