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Comparison of Jaikoz Standard and Jaikoz Pro

Jaikoz and Jaikoz Pro work in the same way and have the same features and functionality except for the differences listed below:

Feature Jaikoz Standard Jaikoz Pro
Performance Unlimited Lookups Unlimited Lookups at twice the rate of Standard
Add Acoustic Metadata No Yes

Because the lookup rate for the Pro and Commercial editions is twice that of the standard edition your songs will be matched quicker.

Acoustic Metadata summarizes the characteristics of the actual music such as bpm, moods, keys and scales.

This Acoustic Metadata is collected by AcousticBrainz and linked to MusicBrainz songs. When Jaikoz matches a song to MusicBrainz that has been acoustically analysed it is updated with the AcousticBrainz metadata.

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