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Jaikoz Customization

Jaikoz is developed by one person, and therefore I can establish a much closer relationship with software users than would normally be possible. This also means that you can get involved in the development of Jaikoz either indirectly through making suggestions on the website and reporting issues. Or directly by paying for customizations, Ive allocated a few days each month so that if you have something you really want put into Jaikoz you can pay a low amount to get it completed quickly.

This has already worked well for the Missing tracks feature that was added as a customization in Jaikoz 1.9, the procedure is as follows:

  • Send a proposal to paultaylor@jthink.net of what you would like to do
  • I will review it and see if it is suitable for inclusion, if so I'll give you a design, estimated duration and price
  • If you accept we can agree a completion date for the first cut, and a deposit that you pay into the Jthink Paypal account (Paypal does provide a free payment dispute service in case we cannot agree on something)
  • I'll deliver a release to you for you to try out
  • If more work is required, I will make the necessary adjustments
  • Once you are happy with this, you pay the remainder and I'll release a new version of Jaikoz with the customization included
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