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Jaikoz Fixes

Sometimes fixes are made available between releases of Jaikoz, the fixes listed on this page are always for the latest version of Jaikoz. This is currently Jaikoz 4.3.0 and fixes should not be applied to earlier versions of Jaikoz

Installation is usually a matter of backing up either jaikoz.jar, jaudiotagger.jar or quaqua.jar and replacing with the fix

Fix 12: Fix for saving lossless mp4s on remote drives.

Installation on Windows/Linux
  1. Close Jaikoz if it is running
  2. Go to your Jaikoz installation and open the 'lib' folder
  3. Rename jaudiotagger.jar to jaudiotagger.old
  4. Download this fixed jaaudiotagger.jar and copy the file into the lib folder
  5. Restart Jaikoz
Installation on OSX
  1. Close Jaikoz if it is running
  2. Go to your Jaikoz in Finder, and with popup menu select 'Show Package Contents'
  3. Within Finder navigate to Contents:Resources:Java folder
  4. Rename jaudiotagger.jar to jaudiotagger.old
  5. Download this fixed jaudiotagger.jar and copy the file into the Contents:Resources:Java folder
  6. Restart Jaikoz
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