2nd of June 2005 Jaikoz v1.1 Build 1006 released.

This is a major release that now includes Music Brainz support ! Jaikoz can now do acoustic matching for any track and this and any meta-data can be compared with the MusicBrainz Database and the meta-data updated from MusicBrainz. Jaikoz uses its automatch techniques to ensure the correct track is matched when multiple tracks are returned and your metadata is updated.

General Enhancements
Added support for matching against the Music Brainz Database
AutoCorrect tasks can now be performed on the Composer field

General Bug Fixes
Improved the licensing mechanism to ensure a 30 day trial license is always provided
Improved the progress dialog when running the AutoCorrecter
Jaikoz displays a suitable error if started with an invalid (pre 1.4.2) JVM

OSX Bug Fixes
If your license has expired and the Install License Dialog appears the file selector now works correctly