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23rd of April 2008 Jaikoz v2.4.0 Build 1045 released

This is a major release that adds many new features and improves the stability of Jaikoz.

New Features
  • Added support for the following fields Barcode, Label, ISRC, Conductor, Lyricist, Media, Remixer, Mood, Release Offical Url, Release Wikipedia Url, Release Discogs Url, Artist Offical Url, Artist Wikipedia Url, Artist Discogs Url for all formats
  • Barcode, Label, ISRC, Conductor, Lyricist, Remixer,Release Wikipedia Url and Release Discogs Url can be automtically populated from MusicBrainz.
  • Added a Delete Duplicates task. In the preferences you can specify that a duplicate is a track with the same MusicBrainz Id as another track, the same MusicIP Id as another, or the same Musicbrainz Id and MusicIP Id as another.
  • Added a Prefer Acoustic Id even if rating lower than meta match that is disabled by default, (Jaikoz previously acted as if this option was enabled). Keeping this option disabled will make it more likely that Jaikoz will use the same release for all tracks on one album.
  • Added Possible Matches must be within Track Duration option that is enabled by default (this works the same as Jaikoz previously). But if you disable this it will allow musicbrainz to return tracks that are outside the range of your track length. This is useful for picking up tracks where the track length has been entered incorrectly in Musicbrainz or where your encoding is inaccurate.
  • Your preferences are now preserved from your previous version of Jaikoz
  • Added Complete Italian translation
  • Added Dutch translation, this is not yet complete but feel it is still useful for Dutch speakers
  • Add Translate Foreign Artists to English option, this is most useful for artists that use non latin charcters such as Japanese or Chinese that cannot always be displayed properly
  • Add a search button like in iTunes, that filters tracks to those containing search value in the album, artist or title.
  • Add filter and highlighter to find records with the same musicbrainz Id AND Music IP Id .
  • Add filter and highlighter to find records with non-standard Genres.
  • Add filter and highlighter to find records with non-iTunes Genres, iTunes supports a smaller list than programs such as Winamp.
  • Add link to Wikipedia for artists and albums.
  • Add link to Discogs for artists and albums.
  • Added option to only correct lyrics if non currently exist.
  • Correct subfolders from tags has occasionally hanged.
  • Unable to copy Flac artwork between files.
  • After updating from musicbrainz, if no changes made still marked as edited 'C' this should not happen.
  • Autocorrecter should have progress bar for subtasks as well.
  • Musicbrainz password field should not display password.
  • Find and Replace, Word replacer, and word removers should understand \uxxxx syntax for entering Unicode.
  • Track No Sorting doesn't work properly.
  • If in MusicBrainz Settings the option Do not match online if already have a MusicBrainz Id is active, then the Manual correct from MusicBrainz comes up empty on a track that does indeed have an Id.
  • Opening some multitrack m4p files fails
  • Metamatch from musicbrainz sometimes not identifying track correctly because of case (uppercase/lowercase) problem
  • Counting files in NFS share can hang if filenames contain certain characters
OSX Fixes
  • Edit a field value, then click on something to change the current filter set and the edit value is copied across to the new record
  • Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsException error that can occur when editing a field, and changing the filter before completed editing
  • New OSX 10.5 FileChooser and some other graphical improvements when using OSX 10.5
  • Unable to sometimes write to some NAS devices
  • Update iTunes sometimes failing when saving many files at once.
  • Saving files where only the case of the file had changed (uppercase/lowercase) could cause rename to fail.
  • Open Directory/Files dialog too small when opens
Window Fixes
  • Doesnt show some unicode characters such as Japanese correctly.
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