High Quality Artwork

SongKong finds high quality album cover artwork to add colour and interest to your digital music collection so you no longer have to look at grey notes in your music player where the missing album cover art should be.

SongKong uses the Cover Art Archive, FanArt.tv and Discogs to find high resolution album cover art in just a few seconds. Typically the cover artwork images are 1000 x 1000 pixels, more than enough detail for your iPod or Sonos system.

Images are always associated with the MusicBrainz or Discogs album your songs were matched to, so you can be sure you have the correct album cover for the album you have

Back Covers

SongKong can get Back Covers as well as Front Covers

SongKong gives you the freedom to automatically resize images to whatever size you like, and ignore images of lower quality

Covers can be stored in the songs themselves and as a separate file in the album folder.

Artist Images

SongKong can get also get high quality Artist images from FanArt.tv and Wikipedia

Not only Album Artists but also Track Artists, Composers, Conductors, Orchestra and other Performers can be retrieved.

We can even get Record Company Logos !

MinimServer Artwork Index Folder Integration

MinimServer is a powerful uPnP Audio Server, its strengths are that is is more configurable then other uPnP Servers and can run on a wide variety of platforms

SongKong can put all your artist images into the MinimServer Artwork Index so that MinimServer can display artwork for the different indexes. For example if MinimServer has a Composer index it will display a Composer image for every Composer that SongKong found an image for.