SongKong Tutorial

We have started creating a tutorial explaining how to get the best out of SongKong in bite size chunks.

  1. SongKong Intro
  2. SongKong Tasks
  3. Status Report:Summary
  4. Status Report, Browse By Section
  5. Status Report, Browse By Folder
  6. Report, Song Details
  7. Report, Browse By Artist
  8. Report, Browse By Album
  9. Report, Browse By Composer/Work
  10. Report, Matched section
  11. Report, View as Spreadsheet
  12. Fix Songs, Basics
  13. Fix Songs, Databases used for Song Identification
  14. Fix Songs, Profiles
  15. Fix Songs, Uncheck Preview Only
  16. Fix Songs, Basic Options
  17. Fix Songs, Match Options
  18. Fix Songs, Artwork Options
  19. Fix Songs, Other Artwork Options
  20. Fix Songs, Genre Options
  21. Fix Songs, Format Options
  22. Fix Songs, Album Format Options
  23. Fix Songs, Save Options
  24. Fix Songs, Always save Genre as text
  25. Fix Songs, Force Save Option
  26. Fix Songs, Progress Bar
  27. Fix Songs Report
  28. Undo Fixes
  29. Undo Fixes, Basic Options
  30. Undo Fixes, Save Options
  31. Rename Files Overview
  32. Rename Files, Folder paths
  33. Rename Files, Folder Path Lengths
  34. Rename Files, Renaming
  35. Rename Files, Moving
  36. Rename Files Report
  37. Delete Duplicates Overview
  38. Delete Duplicates, Song is a duplicate if has same option
  39. Delete Duplicates, Basic Options
  40. Delete Duplicates, Advanced Options
  41. Delete Duplicates, Save Options
  42. Delete Duplicates, Example
  43. Delete Duplicates, Another Example
  44. Manual Edit
  45. Manual Edit, Artwork tab
  46. Manual Edit, Artwork tab with Desktop UI
  47. Manual Edit, Other tab
  48. Auto Edit
  49. Auto Edit - Capitalizer
  50. Auto Edit - Find and Replace
  51. Auto Edit - Trim
  52. Monitor Folder
  53. Monitor Folder Basic, Options
  54. Monitor Folder, Rename Options
  55. Meta Grater for removing metadata
  56. Meta Grater, Basic Options
  57. Meta Grater, Save options
  58. Importing Naim Wav Metadata Files
  59. Using Fix Songs Again on Already Processed Songs
  60. Preferences, Save Options
  61. Preferences, Filename Masks
  62. Preferences, Modifying Rename Masks
  63. Preferences, Understanding Rename Masks
  64. Preferences, User Defined Javascript Functions
  65. Preferences, Anatomy of User Defined Javascript Functions
  66. Match to One Album
  67. Match to One Album Basic Options
  68. Match to One Album Save Options
  69. SongKong and Classical Music
  70. Classical Music Composer options
  71. Classical Music Options for MinimServer
  72. Classical Music Track Artist
  73. Admin, Recovering Disk Space
  74. Admin, Emptying the Database
  75. Admin, Deleting Reports and Logs
  76. Create Support Files
  77. Preferences, Debugging
  78. Licensing
  79. Remote or Desktop Mode
  80. SongKong Command Line