Beats per Minute

Knowing the BPM (Beats per Minute) of your songs is great for many purposes, its required for proper beatmixing when DJ-ing, matching your BPM to your running pace can help when running, and it allows you to create better playlists by using the BPM as an indicator of the mood, but calculating the BPM is not something you can easily do yourself.

SongKong can get the BPM for millions of songs as they are matched to MusicBrainz, and because the BPM has already been calculated for these songs it takes no extra time to add the BPM.

Mood and other Acoustic Attributes

SongKong can use acoustic analysis of a song to determine the mood of the song, great for creating playlists to suit your mood or an event such as a dinner party or romantic evening.

It can also also help determine lots of other attributes, all of them help you to create better playlists. For example it can detect if a track is most likely an instrumental, song or spoken word track. Does the track use acoustic or electronic instruments. It can detect the main key scale of the song, and if the song is tuneful or more discordant.