SongKong Installation for Linux with its own Java installation

Download SongKong to see the functionality of SongKong, SongKong Pro and SongKong Commercial.

You can see full details of the differences between the versions here

This installer can be used on a headless environment where no Graphical User Interface is available.

It requires you to have a version of Java already installed on the system, you require Java 17 or later.

  • If have previous version downloaded delete existing songkong-linux-headless-novm.tgz file
  • Download songkong-linux-headless-novm.tgz
  • Copy file to where you would like to install such as $HOME or /opt
  • tar zxf songkong-linux-headless-novm.tgz
  • cd songkong
  • Run ./ to run in desktop mode when have windowing or commandline mode if not
  • Or run ./ to start songkong in remote mode, accessible via web-browser