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PS Audio Review

How is it that I found out the name? I ran it through a program that fixed much of my library. This amazing program not only identified 100% of every unidentified track I owned, it also found duplicates, fixed names, years, and provided better cover art than I had. It was the best $32 I had spent. This was some time ago and now that program has been updated and improved and it is still the best $32 a person with a library can spend.

The program is called SongKong. Yes, a bit goofy of a name and the website’s not much to write home about, but it is a rather brilliant piece of work. And most important, it works.

Mac Update Editor Review

And luckily, SongKong is up to the task of maintaining your music. Simply point the app at your music folder and go step-by-step through SongKong’s clear workflow to get your music cleaned up. Each section of SongKong’s workflow couldn’t be clearer; all of its tweaks are out on the table, and the user gets to treat their music collection exactly as they’d like. SongKong fills in the gaps that bubble up when music is imported from a multitude of sources. Users with vinyl collections will love SongKong for ripping their records to their Mac because SongKong can fill in the missing metadata in a snap. And by setting it up to continuously monitor particular folders, you can grow your collection without heaping cleanup work on yourself. Keep your music collection in pristine condition with SongKong.

Softpedia Editor Review

SongKong can give you a helping hand in organizing your music collection by updating the metadata information for each song and deleting duplicate entries. Built in Java, this application can be of great use in managing large music databases.

Mac360 Editor Review

What Song Kong does for Mac users is fix some of the messy cruft that iTunes does not. This is especially useful if much of your music library came from multiple sources. For example, Song Kong can match your music library with multiple online databases, grab the appropriate meta data, add it to your collection.

Bohemian Boomer

On the other hand, SongKong is the cat’s meow to put some life back into your iTunes music collection with automatic song matching– the kind that identifies the real song, fixes misspellings, adds missing album art, and makes you feel better about having a digital life (in the off chance that you have no real life).

Duplicate songs are tracked down, cornered, and dispensed with faster than a new sitcom on NBC. Album artwork is tracked down, cornered, and grabbed– especially the 1,000×1,000 pixel kind (automatically resized as needed). SongKong keeps itself synchronized with iTunes so you won’t lose favor with the Apple Police during the holidays. It’s flexible enough to let you know songs however you want, and lets you create a Watch Folder which fixes new tunes automatically.

User Review (steve23084)

I think I have tried every single MP3 tagger out there and none of them are perfect, including SongKong. However it's the best of the bunch by quite a stretch. It probably won't tag all your MP3's perfectly, they will still need additional curation but it does a darn good job.
The author is also responsive to support requests, if you report a problem with a tag he will look into it and fix it. I also helped track down a bug with him at one stage and I got a credit for it!
SongKong is updated regularly with improvements and fixes.
You may think the price a little steep but consider how much your time is worth to fix your tags manually. It's a decent piece of software.

User Review (dbaps)

I have tried tons of different software products to "clean" my music collection. Songkong is the best. The best way to describe Songkong is that it build "intelligence" on top of Musicbrainz Picard to take all of the manual work out of cleaning your music collection. Songkong not only cleans, but monitors your collection as new songs get added. This "monitoring" allows you to just sit back and let it "poll" your music collection as it continues to grow. Songkong also optionally deletes duplicate songs.

User Review (laphimkjjim)

I have for years been looking for something that will do just what SongKong does. I have tried many and spent way too much money on programs that didn't work and named songs incorrectly. While I'm sure it isn't perfect and no it didn't find every song I have in my collection it did find and correct a huge majority of them and put them all in order. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a large collection of music. So far I have not had one song that I have played (and I have played a lot of songs) since using SongKong. I am not a tech guy and so have had a little trouble understanding some of the terms used in the programs but have written to support a couple times and got a very fast (usually within hours) and nice response with answers to my questions. What else could you ask for? The only suggestion I would like to see in an update is for the program to not allow exact duplicates to be added to the database as an option. They are still working on and improving the program too. so if you ask me if I am pleased I can say yes I am VERY pleased. Thank you for making this program it is a lifesaver.

User Review (hiphutch)

I found this program very powerful and straight forward. I just point it to my music collection and it goes through and reads the info, identifies those that are missing info, and tags all my songs. It does a great job at filling in missing info as it uses multiple sources to find the data needed such as musicbrainz, discogs, and acouticid.

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