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SongKong 1.21.0 Released on 13th of March 2014


  • [SONGKONG-526] - FixSongs saying it was cancelled when it wasn't
  • [SONGKONG-528] - Attempt to match a folder containing random songs create bad overly long query
  • [SONGKONG-533] - Renaming unmatched file something gone wrong with mask
  • [SONGKONG-534] - Even if run out of memory during report creation should salvage basic report
  • [SONGKONG-535] - Acoustid look up of stanalone recording fails with no sources
  • [SONGKONG-536] - Discogs release name can be too long for cached database


  • [SONGKONG-488] - Support dragging playlists from iTunes
  • [SONGKONG-525] - Consider already split basefolders/subfolders when splitting multiple folders
  • [SONGKONG-537] - Report when matching multi disc releases only list all media if varies
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