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SongKong 1.22.0 Released on 5th of April 2014


  • [SONGKONG-311] - Song by song matching when have no metadata favours metadata matches
  • [SONGKONG-542] - Undo Changes report doesnt detail the selected folder(s) if no changes to undo actually found
  • [SONGKONG-547] - Error converting selected folder(s) into base and subfolder
  • [SONGKONG-549] - Dont reject Discogs match if MusicBrainz match is country type Worldwide (XW)
  • [SONGKONG-551] - If base folder guesser encounters a folder it doesnt have access for it gives up
  • [SONGKONG-552] - If after looking files in selected folder we have no valid folders we need error window


  • [SONGKONG-483] - Fix Songs (and Move), then run Undo Changes you have to change the folder to the destination
  • [SONGKONG-519] - If can match song but not album just update the song info rather than nothing at all
  • [SONGKONG-543] - Warn iTunes users that having iTunes organizing files can stop SongKong Undo working
  • [SONGKONG-545] - Only allow matches when folder completely matches album with no songs on album unmatched
  • [SONGKONG-556] - When filtering potential matches add new filter - has the same no of tracks
  • [SONGKONG-558] - List filenames in Matched to Musicbrainz Release/Recording sections of report
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