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SongKong 1.23.0 Released on 16th of April 2014


  • [SONGKONG-539] - Improvements to Delete Duplicates when duplicates already exist in duplicate folder
  • [SONGKONG-564] - Song by song matching by acoustid doesnt properly consider existing song title
  • [SONGKONG-565] - Song group matching should work differently when song only consists of one file
  • [SONGKONG-567] - With artists such as ABBA or KISS the Recording Only section lhs can point to wrong songs on rhs
  • [SONGKONG-569] - BaseFolder guesser causing FixSongs to hang when guesses basefoler should be root (i.e / or C:\)
  • [SONGKONG-571] - Save to Artwork putting spaces into filename
  • [SONGKONG-572] - In Progress Dialog 'Stop' should not be default Action
  • [SONGKONG-574] - Error when converting artist credit


  • [SONGKONG-486] - Authorization now needed for image retrievals from Discogs
  • [SONGKONG-555] - Update bundled Java to final release of Java 8
  • [SONGKONG-560] - If rerun FixSongs against same files and it matches less songs the Unmatched section can be confusing
  • [SONGKONG-562] - Always prefer matching to releases with the same number of tracks
  • [SONGKONG-566] - Allow songs to be linked and played by music player in Delete Duplicates report
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