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SongKong 2.0 Released on 11th ofJuly 2014


  • [SONGKONG-94] - Update from Metadata option
  • [SONGKONG-299] - Add option to just store main artist in artist rather than including featured artists ectera
  • [SONGKONG-453] - Add better Genre support such as Grey Lists
  • [SONGKONG-619] - Change 100 song limit to a bit more than 100
  • [SONGKONG-626] - Host own version of Discogs lookup
  • [SONGKONG-627] - Be cleverer when fixing songs in one big mess
  • [SONGKONG-631] - On updating installation we should remove jar files we no longer need


  • [SONGKONG-419] - Problem parsing
  • [SONGKONG-575] - Dealing with Discogs esoteric error handling API
  • [SONGKONG-616] - Logic for getting track artists from Discogs that have "The, " is leaving space and comma
  • [SONGKONG-618] - Progress bar showing Match Recording Only as negative
  • [SONGKONG-621] - Title too long for Acoustid/Recording table
  • [SONGKONG-622] - SongKong not respecting image resize rules
  • [SONGKONG-624] - If track has no title try using filename when song by song matching
  • [SONGKONG-629] - Delete Duplicates failing because error message defined incorrectly
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