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SongKong 2.1 Released on 17th ofJuly 2014


  • [SONGKONG-299] - Add option 'Just store main artist in artist' rather than including featured artists ectera


  • [SONGKONG-635] - Nullpointer with Discogs update song apostrophier if 'Use standard Release title instead of title displayed on Cover'
  • [SONGKONG-636] - NullpointerException parsing ReleaseId
  • [SONGKONG-638] - Song Changes Report Summary doesnt show latest options added in SongKong 2.0
  • [SONGKONG-640] - Problem trying to retrieve too many recording ids in one go causing Musicbrainz to be marked busy
  • [SONGKONG-641] - Save Artwork to Filesystem:Unable to writes image
  • [SONGKONG-643] - UpdateSongOnly:Null when update song for a recording that is a standalone recording
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