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SongKong 2.1.2 Released on 2nd of August 2014


  • [SONGKONG-644] - Make matching field in genre grey list case-insensitive
  • [SONGKONG-647] - Problem with updateSongWithRecordingWithMostSources
  • [SONGKONG-649] - Modification of existing cover image sometimes fails
  • [SONGKONG-651] - Report creation failing with OutOfMemory in SongChanges section after large run
  • [SONGKONG-653] - Match to Discogs when already matched to Musicbrainz should not modify fields such as artist name
  • [SONGKONG-654] - SaveCoverImage trying to close non-existent transaction
  • [SONGKONG-655] - UpdateSong failing and stopping FixSongs because song has nonsensical value for Musicbrainz Release Id
  • [SONGKONG-656] - NullPointerException in UpdateSong trying to get Cover Art when standalone recording
  • [SONGKONG-657] - Genres ignoring multiple word genres from Discogs because surrounded by double quotes
  • [SONGKONG-659] - Multiple artists not always being added when '..add others to the title field' option is enabled
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