Update iTunes

SongKong supports iTunes, so if you are an iTunes user you can ensure as songs are modified in SongKong those changes are automatically refreshed in iTunes. This includes adding new songs to iTunes and removing deleted songs from iTunes.

Roon Music Player

SongKong tasks comes with predefined configurations for different scenarios. This includes a Roon profile for the Roon music player.

There are special options designed for Roon such as Add RoonAlbumTag to albums identified as box sets and Use Roon Section/Work Format


We have worked closely with MinimServer to provide optimum metadata for working with MinimServer, this includes optimizations for Classical music on MinimServer.

This includes Add Composer to start of Overall Work, used by MinimServer for indexing Classical Works and Add Composer to start of MinimServer Group, this is used by MinimServer for playing Classical Works