Desktop and Remote Mode

Both regular Desktop and Remote Web Browser based UI.

The Remote user interface has the same functionality as the Desktop mode

Desktop Mode
Remote Mode

Desktop Mode

Desktop UI that matches MacOS, Windows and Linux desktops

Light and Dark Modes available

MacOS Dark Mode
Windows Light Mode

Remote Mode can be used remotely

You can install and use SongKong on a computer that does not have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) such as a Linux Nas server, and then use the remote mode from a web-browser on another device. For example you could install on a linux server in your home office but then can control from your iPad in your lounge.

The user interface is fully responsive and can be used on screen of any size, on any device that can run a web-browser.

Command Line Tool

SongKong even has a command line interface allowing all tasks to be run, so SongKong can be used directly on computers within a gui from a terminal.

And it can also be used as part of an automated scripted solution, great for linux servers.

Faster Performance

Because you can install SongKong on the same machine as your music resides on even if it has no GUI this means the actual file reading and modifying does not have to be done over the network meaning much faster and more reliable matching, especially with large lossless files.