SongKong 6.9.4 Mercury released on 29th May 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 6.9.4 Mercury.

This minor release makes improvements to Song Only matching. With song only matching SongKong could sometimes try to work out the Album and Album Artist values. But it was doing this too often, sometimes causing songs from the same album to end up with differing values for Album or Album Artist, now it is much more careful and will only set these values when it is sure it can be set the same for all songs in the grouping. There are also a a number of minor improvements made to the song only matching algorithm.

The Browse by Artist/Album and Browse by Album sections of the report now only group songs by the Album Artist. Previously if the Album Artist was missing they would group by the Artist field instead, but this was confusing because it then looked like the album had been split when in fact the issue was that there was no value for Album Artist.

Full List of improvements and fixes