SongKong 7.4 Dawnrazor released on 9th April 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 7.4 Dawnrazor.

This release contains a number of fixes mainly related to file renaming and song only matching


SONGKONG-2237 Rename seems to sometimes use excessive cpu indicating going into some kind of loop

SONGKONG-2235 Setting New Filenames in Grouping:0

SONGKONG-2233 Single song grouping ignore the Only match if all tracks in album were matched

SONGKONG-2232 If re-rename an album with multiple discs it seems to rename the album folder (1), (2) for each disc

SONGKONG-2231 Sometimes seems to be unnecessarily rename files to a worse name when have duplicate songs within the original folder

SONGKONG-2230 Long running Delete Duplicates failed on closed connection when does actual duplicate deleting.

SONGKONG-2228 Single Song Matcher, double check acoustid sources when only matching single track on album

SONGKONG-2225 CoverArt Indexing Error

SONGKONG-2195 Windows:Empty Database not always occurring on update to later version


SONGKONG-2239 Preferences file should be saved in Alphanumeric order

SONGKONG-2198 Add additional rename masks starting with DiscNo, TrackNo so keep track order when viewed Alphabetically