SongKong 8.2 Forever released on 30th January 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.2 Forever.


SONGKONG-2295 Delete Reports can take a while if have many report but cursor is not changed can look like SongKong has crashed

SONGKONG-2291 Parsing filename for metadata doesnt deal properly with additional '.' characters in filename

SONGKONG-2288 Null error when nothing in FieldToDelete option

SONGKONG-2287 Not seeming to match to MusicBrainz Album only Discogs when songs have good metadata but not album folders

SONGKONG-2283 SongKong unable to get MusicBrainz coverart when original url is http and redirects to https

SONGKONG-2279 Occasional FileRename Error:Null PointerException

SONGKONG-2278 Include instrument arranger in arranger field

SONGKONG-2248 Windows:Main SongKong application should be SongKong not SongKongGui

SONGKONG-2181 Need to protect against user having all songs in a single folder and the increased memory load required


SONGKONG-2296 Processing superlarge folder can take a long time to get going if no metadata because may submit as one group

SONGKONG-2293 Need to move Fingerprinting to fpcalc 1.5.1 to get Mac M1 chipset support

SONGKONG-2292 Change the default max size of artwork to 1200 so dont need to resize if getting large thumbnails from Caa

SONGKONG-2286 Add support for Cover art

SONGKONG-2285 Add support for Dark Mode for Windows and Linux

SONGKONG-2284 Use FlatLaf LookAndFeel for all platforms

SONGKONG-2282 When add performers from Discogs they should be added alphabetically

SONGKONG-2269 Update all platforms to Java 17 LTS

SONGKONG-2158 Add MacOS M1 Build

SONGKONG-2092 Replace standard Nashorn Javascript with standalone GitHub version