SongKong 8.4 Gold released on 14th July 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.4 Gold.


SONGKONG-2311 Not always possible to get Artist artwork from Wikipedia if artist name contains non ascii characters

SONGKONG-2308 Replace remaining references to with

SONGKONG-2307 Cannot invoke "String.toLowerCase()" because "attributes" is null

SONGKONG-2306 Naimmatcher:Cannot invoke "String.equals(Object)" because "trackArtist" is null

SONGKONG-2304 On Windows incorrectly labels iTunes as MacOS Music app


SONGKONG-2325 Allow to set max/min image size for artist artwork independently to cover art

SONGKONG-2324 Split Artwork tab into Album Artwork and Artist Artwork to give enough space for new artwork options

SONGKONG-2316 Add support for reading back cover from Cover Art Archive

SONGKONG-2314 Get Label images from - useful for MinimServer Label index

SONGKONG-2313 Add support for getting artwork for performers, very useful if using MinimServer Perfromer index

SONGKONG-2312 Get better quality artist/composer/conductor ... artwork from fanart.,tv

SONGKONG-1918 Update Com4j Bridge to latest version and rebuild against latest iTunes