SongKong 8.5 Faith released on 31st October 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.5 Faith.


SONGKONG-2350 Preferred Deletion Criteria makes it sound like delete item which matches this criteria but other way round

SONGKONG-2348 When checking length of path segments need to check actual chars used not unicode chars

SONGKONG-2346 On MacOS always tries to start Music app even if dont have Save to Music App enabled.

SONGKONG-2343 If have folder containing audio files and sub folders with audio files then if rename audio files may try to move subfolders

SONGKONG-2342 Delete Duplicates can report completion before actually completed.

SONGKONG-2340 Check that first composer matches first artist can cause update failure if artists field is empty

SONGKONG-2339 If set Use year Only can prevent songs being updated that have release events with null year

SONGKONG-2338 If have Add Composers to Start of Album Title enabled can store null if composer has no sortname

SONGKONG-2337 MusicBrainz wikidata links not being picked up and converted for URL_WIKIPEDIA_RELEASE

SONGKONG-2310 Delete Duplicates report can get very large and hence very slow if run against a large library

SONGKONG-2305 Windows:Titlebar not showing as dark because of issue with Flatlaf Dll extraction

SONGKONG-2303 Get Windows to recognise new security certificate


SONGKONG-2349 Delete Duplicates doesnt actually delete any files until all the files loaded and duplicates identified

SONGKONG-2320 Remote Interface, allow to go direct to edit or fix songs for particular folder