SongKong 8.10 Frank released on 8th February 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.10 Frank.


SONGKONG-2370 Put SongSaver tasks on seperate queue to other tasks because file I/O bound rather than CPU bound

SONGKONG-2387 Remove Hard Coded Max Worker Executors limit

SONGKONG-2389 Protect against reading images from files having using too much memory if user has all files in one folder


SONGKONG-2179 MacOS:Unable to change memory settings

SONGKONG-2341 Retrieving Artists Images seems too slow, possibly getting same images more than once

SONGKONG-2376 DeleteDuplicates too slow now since making singlethreaded

SONGKONG-2386 Missing Null Check if Acoustid returns an empty result

SONGKONG-2388 Link to report shown after running task incorrectly opens report using file protocol instead of http local server

SONGKONG-2391 RemoteUI:Progress bar should only show second total value in progress bar if expect to reach that (i.e loaded and completed)