SongKong 9.2 Brutalism released on 26th June 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 9.2 Brutalism


SONGKONG-2418 Add [MIXED] rather than [HD] to album title if albums have a mixture of HD and non HD tracks


SONGKONG-1742 If using Delete Duplicates with acoustids should automatically add them if missing

SONGKONG-2410 Remote:Clone Filename button missing

SONGKONG-2426 Some pages of reports for new tasks still refer to Fix Songs even though not run as part of Fix Songs task

SONGKONG-2427 Delete Duplicates with Sounds the Same option only works if already created fingerprints using Fix Songs

SONGKONG-2437 When using Rename Files and Move should ensure the Base Folder itself is never deleted

SONGKONG-2439 Remote:Delete Duplicates not showing warning if picks metadata only criteria

SONGKONG-2440 Delete Duplicates Same song and Same album(metadata only) option should also consider trackno

SONGKONG-2441 Watch Folder doesnt work second time if change the folder used as a Watch Folder