SongKong 9.3 Aerial released on 12th July 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 9.3 Aerial


SONGKONG-2421 Add Forum Topic Url as mandatory field to Create Support Files

SONGKONG-2444 Error Scoring when matching 2 disc release and optimize matrix because of high scoring song to track

SONGKONG-2446 Improvements to BoxSet algorithm

SONGKONG-2447 Useful if SongDetails showed basic discno/trackno, artist, title, album metadata in the header lines

SONGKONG-2452 Improvement to Monitor Executors logging

SONGKONG-2454 MultiThread FixSongs SongLoader Queue

SONGKONG-2455 Browse by Folder, good to have filter showing when songs in folder matched to more than one album

SONGKONG-2456 Matched to MusicBrainz should show if album is complete match or not , and make it easy to filter to show incomplete/matches


SONGKONG-2399 BoxSet Scorer is not doing track duration match

SONGKONG-2449 Status Report:Updated Filter should not be shown in Browse sections because no files ever updated

SONGKONG-2450 Default for Multi Disc Release option should be Never add disc no to release title

SONGKONG-2451 Desktop:In progress dialog progress bars are too high compared to the text label

SONGKONG-2453 Docker version not detecting running in Docker environment when running on cgroup2 system such as Unraid

SONGKONG-2457 When have multiple composers should display spaces between each on Browse By Composer page

SONGKONG-2458 Status Report Song Details table column should just say Value not New Value