SongKong 10.1 Placebo released on 13th December 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 10.1 Placebo


SONGKONG-1988 Add option to Update MinimServer indexes

SONGKONG-2281 Make Save Genres as Text a separate option from Save songs so they work best with Itunes

SONGKONG-2326 Add support for MinimServer profile

SONGKONG-2438 Add Audiochannels as a field that can be used in rename masks

SONGKONG-2517 Add Find Duplicates within Same Folder option

SONGKONG-2519 Make Progress bar for Reports smoother rather than moving up in intervals

SONGKONG-2521 Modify Multi Disc Releases to modify Disc Subtitle field rather than Album title

SONGKONG-2522 Ignore Disc subtitle unless release has more than one disc

SONGKONG-2523 On Melco remove restrictions on Fix Songs profiles because they are preview only so no need for restrictions

SONGKONG-2524 Report Progress Bar should show numeric percentage figure as well

SONGKONG-2525 Update Look and Feel to latest version of FlatLaf

SONGKONG-2526 Update SongKong for Windows and MacOS to use Java 21

SONGKONG-2528 Force Save option to allow file to be resaved even if nothing appears to have changed


SONGKONG-2056 SongDetailsSection progress indicator doesnt increment in steps

SONGKONG-2207 Remote UI:Empty Database not working and can crash server

SONGKONG-2302 Preinitialize and Reuse JFileChooser on Windows/Linux to deal with slowness caused by having broken network shares.

SONGKONG-2431 MacOS:Copy and Paste in Manual Edit not working consistently

SONGKONG-2489 When run Rename Files in Preview Mode and Browse by Folder it shows the old folder name not the new folder name

SONGKONG-2491 Metagrater does not allow deletion of artwork

SONGKONG-2493 Delete Reports needs a progress dialog because can be slow if have large reports to delete

SONGKONG-2500 On Windows use later version of Installer to resolve multiple monitor issue

SONGKONG-2501 Resolve AcoustidUser Key Exception

SONGKONG-2527 Delete Duplicates from cmdline not outputting much progress data