SongKong 10.3 Blur released on 4th March 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 10.3 Blur


SONGKONG-2414 Desktop Mode: Should have inline help like Remote Mode

SONGKONG-2540 Allow user to add DiscogsId/MBRelease Id to Match to One Album

SONGKONG-2546 Allow simpler Album Artist if possible

SONGKONG-2558 Ensure reasonable timeout on wikipedia connection

SONGKONG-2559 If user trys to exit desktop should close even if error

SONGKONG-2561 Add another Save option before rows on WebUi Edit Metadata page so dont have to scroll

New Feature

SONGKONG-2545 Add AutoEdit task


SONGKONG-2538 Discogs range tracknum search doesnt seem to work

SONGKONG-2539 Songs Processed code allowing ARTIST field too large for db

SONGKONG-2552 Regression:Error trying to score matches when there were no matches

SONGKONG-2553 Remote:Manual Edit saves trackno, discno based on trackformatter settings even though not defined for Manual Edit