SongKong 10.4 Amnesiac released on 11th March 2024

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 10.4 Amnesiac


SONGKONG-2280 User interactive help pages on forum, with links from software

SONGKONG-2555 For Monitor Folder then add configurable time to wait option

SONGKONG-2560 Add option to paste url into Web Manual edit because difficult to drag/drop from Google Image search esp on iPad

SONGKONG-2564 Make it clear that Artwork Tab is only for Front Cover Artwork

SONGKONG-2566 Match To One Album:Remove 200 song hard limit


SONGKONG-2554 Plex filename mask should always ensure discno is not zeroised even if the discno metadata field is

SONGKONG-2565 Regression:Remote UI if disable applyClassical FixSongs and MatchOneAlbum fail to run