Status Report - Available Free !

The Status Report task is a very useful tool for taking a snapshot of your music collection. It has two main features, it creates a metadata completeness report and a spreadsheet of your songs existing metadata

The Song Metadata Completeness Summary section of the report creates a bar chart showing the percentage of songs with each type of metadata, this is very useful for finding holes in your metadata. Complete and consistent metadata is necessary for the best enjoyment of your music and optimum browsing experience and SongKong can help you with this by automatically identifying songs and albums and adding in-depth metadata.

A spreadsheet is also created containing all of your songs existing metadata, this is created using the standard xlsx format supported by all major spreadsheet applications.

The Status Report comes free in SongKong Lite

Detailed Reporting

All tasks create a detailed report at the end of the task, this shows exactly what changes have been made to your music.

The report shows you where your fixed data comes from, such as what songs it matches to the online databases, and what tags and artwork it adds or changes for each matched song, and how your songs are reorganized and renamed.