What version of SongKong should I choose ?

Without buying a license the licensing defaults to SongKong Lite, this gives free Status Report and Manual Editing, plus allows you to preview all the advanced automated matching and duplicate deletion tasks.

Standard, Pro, Melco and Commercial all support automated matching but there are some differences in features.

Feature Lite Standard Pro Melco Commercial
Status Report
Manual Metadata Edit
Fix Songs
Fix Songs (Remote mode)
Delete Duplicates
Delete Duplicates (Remote mode)
Parse Naim Rips
Options optimized for Melco
Commercial Use Allowed
Add Acoustic Metadata


Because the lookup rate for the Pro, Melco and Commercial editions is twice that of the standard edition your songs will be matched quicker with Pro.

Acoustic Metadata

Acoustic Metadata summarizes the characteristics of the actual music such as BPM, Mood, and the Musical Key. This Acoustic Metadata is collected by AcousticBrainz. Acoustic analysis is only available in the Pro, Melco and Commercial editions.

Remote Mode

The Remote Mode feature means that you can control SongKong from a standard web-browser and this could be a local or remote device, and this could be another computer, iPad or even your mobile phone. Remote Mode can be used with any license, however all automated tasks can only be run in Preview mode if you only have a Standard license.

Naim Rips

When a Naim Music Server is used to rip a CD to Wav formatthe metadata is stored within separate files instead of within the Wav file, meaning metadata not visible if using their music on a non Naim system. But the Naim Import Metadata task can embed the metadata currently in your music files so the metadata can be universally enjoyed with players other than Naim, including for example the Melco Digital Music Library