Buy Jaikoz

By purchasing Jaikoz or Jaikoz Pro you will have access to:

-> The full program without limitations.
-> Free updates for life. This includes major and minor versions of Jaikoz
-> Unlimited email support for life.
-> Participate in improvements to Jaikoz by providing feedback.

Jaikoz is available in two versions Jaikoz Standard and Jaikoz Pro, Jaikoz Pro contains a few additional features that are useful to Jaikoz Power users, you can see a comparison here.

The total price for Jaikoz is shown below including all taxes ( if you are buying from Europe please note there is No additional VAT Cost). For every purchase of Jaikoz 10% is donated to MusicBrainz, the remaining money will go into producing better and better versions. Before deciding on purchase please read the license agreement and indicate this by clicking on the checkbox.

I have read, understand and accept the license agreement

Jaikoz Standard 20 (approx $30 USD)
Jaikoz Pro 30 (approx $45 USD)
Pro Upgrade 10 (approx $15 USD)

Email License Address:

Please Read
If you would like to buy a Pro Upgrade using Google Checkout please enter the email address your existing license is registered to (can be seen in the About tab within Jaikoz) . If purchasing a Pro Upgrade using Paypal the license will be sent to your registered Paypal email address, please ensure this is the same address as your license is registered to otherwise the new license will not work.