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Jaikoz 6.1.1 released March 4th 2014

Jaikoz comes in two versions, Standard and Pro. You can see a summary of the differences here. You can upgrade from a Jaikoz to a Jaikoz Pro license here for the price of £10.

Please note that the Windows version of Jaikoz now comes with Java included, the 32-bit version can be used on any version of Windows, the 64-bit version can only be used on the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. This version of Jaikoz for OSX is for OSX 10.7.5 and later. Jaikoz for Linux comes without Java, this is usually already installed on Linux systems.

Release Notes for Jaikoz 6.1.1


  • [JAIKOZ-549] - PODCASTID field disappearing after save file in Jaikoz
  • [JAIKOZ-835] - Save and Move If Matched should work for Discogs as well


  • [JAIKOZ-799] - OSX:Jaikoz hanging/crashing on Correct from Subfolder
  • [JAIKOZ-817] - OSX:Itunes Playlist null pointer exception
  • [JAIKOZ-840] - OSX:Some systems unable to get Applescript engine
  • [JAIKOZ-841] - OSX:Regression Open/Add Playlist not loading files


  • [JAIKOZ-830] - Jaikoz should replace complex apostrophes with simples one
  • [JAIKOZ-834] - Sign Jaikoz Installation and Jaikoz itself
  • [JAIKOZ-842] - Better handling of secondary types needed

OSX Improvement

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