SongKong 3.1 Released on 19th of September 2014


  • [SONGKONG-676] - Store iTunes Model in Database
  • [SONGKONG-677] - Updates iTunes as you go along instead of at the end of matching songs
  • [SONGKONG-688] - Add progress indicator for updating iTunes


  • [SONGKONG-682] - Discogs Release name too long
  • [SONGKONG-683] - NullPointerException if Update Song only is returned a releaseid by acoustid not in Music server
  • [SONGKONG-684] - StaleObjectStateException occurred for AcoustIdRecordingPair table
  • [SONGKONG-687] - Still returning the 'Inches' double quote char in data
  • [SONGKONG-690] - SongKong fails to build model of iTunes on OSX if brand new empty library
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