SongKong 3.0 Released on 11th of September 2014

New Feature


  • [SONGKONG-550] - If have good Discogs release except country correlation with Musicbrainz still want artwork
  • [SONGKONG-625] - Handle artists starting with dot in name differently on Mac/Linux
  • [SONGKONG-658] - Support 'Overwrite Always' for genres
  • [SONGKONG-662] - Windows:Update to latest version of Java 8
  • [SONGKONG-667] - Change 'Translate Foreign artists to English' to 'Romanize non-latin script artists'
  • [SONGKONG-669] - Multiple values should be shown on separate row in SongChanges section of report
  • [SONGKONG-671] - Remove Virtual Machine Option


  • [SONGKONG-592] - Song rename bypassing length check giving new name that is too long
  • [SONGKONG-609] - SongKong sometimes giving OutOfMemoryException
  • [SONGKONG-620] - On Windows allowing characters not in Windows charset
  • [SONGKONG-623] - MusicBrainz SongMatcher should weight track position more compared to with track duration
  • [SONGKONG-660] - Featured Artists to title not working when multiple featured artist seperated by &
  • [SONGKONG-661] - Sporadic Unknown service requested [org.hibernate.service.jdbc.connections.spi.ConnectionProvider] Error
  • [SONGKONG-663] - Possible deadlock with default settings
  • [SONGKONG-665] - Overcount on MusicBrainz release match
  • [SONGKONG-668] - Problem with iTunes add/move track on Windows
  • [SONGKONG-670] - Undercount on RecordingCount
  • [SONGKONG-672] - When renaming files needs to remove "\" in any fields before using to create new file path
  • [SONGKONG-674] - Operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open
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