SongKong 3.2 Released on 6th of October 2014

This release uses a new version of the installer on Windows, because of this if you are updating from an earlier version of SongKong you may get an error about Unable to install incompatible version when you try to install in the same location. If this occurs simply delete your SongKong folder and try again this will not effect your user preferences or database because they are stored in a separate location.


  • [SONGKONG-691] - Improve Replace Non-Ascii Characters Option
  • [SONGKONG-695] - Give option to ignore existing metadata when matching individual songs


  • [SONGKONG-679] - Windows:Uninstaller not working
  • [SONGKONG-693] - Protect against multiple rows returned in iTunes model
  • [SONGKONG-696] - If disable matching from Discogs we dont get access to Discogs artwork
  • [SONGKONG-697] - Query by release and artist failing if have no release metadata and returning 400
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