SongKong 1.24.0 Released on 22th of April 2014


  • [SONGKONG-583] - Prevent only some songs being matched if Only allow match if all songs on album matched option enabled
  • [SONGKONG-587] - Unreported failure to construct iTunes model
  • [SONGKONG-588] - Discogs Track Formatter failing if encounters track number padded with space
  • [SONGKONG-589] - SongKong Undo Report had Errors section but it was empty
  • [SONGKONG-590] - Memory Usage can be too high and error not captured and displayed to user


  • [SONGKONG-554] - Need more heuristics for identifying multi folder releases
  • [SONGKONG-580] - Use latest version of jaudiotagger library
  • [SONGKONG-585] - Use single user for Discogs Image Authorization
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