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Jaikoz 5.7.0 released October 15th 2013

Jaikoz comes in two versions, Standard and Pro. You can see a summary of the differences here. You can upgrade from a Jaikoz to a Jaikoz Pro license here for the price of £10.

Please note that the Windows version of Jaikoz now comes with Java included, the 32-bit version can be used on any version of Windows, the 64-bit version can only be used on the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. OSX version of Jaikoz does not come with Java, this is included within OSX itself, simarly Java is available for Linux separately, and usually already installed.


  • [JAIKOZ-305] - xml problem updating itunes from Jaikoz
  • [JAIKOZ-342] - Problems with iTunes updating on WindowsXP,
  • [JAIKOZ-416] - Unable to update iTunes:iTunes was busy and could not be updated, please do not use itunes whilst updating from jaikoz java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI is not
  • [JAIKOZ-638] - Filename with special chars not getting linked to iTunes properly
  • [JAIKOZ-695] - Change flag still set when action was undone for mp3s
  • [JAIKOZ-704] - In mp4s seem unable to unset Compilation field if set by Jaikoz
  • [JAIKOZ-708] - Separator is removed from Preferences:Toolbar left hand panel once used once
  • [JAIKOZ-709] - Invalid date from discogs
  • [JAIKOZ-712] - NullPointer error in View in Musicbrainz when value blank
  • [JAIKOZ-714] - Unable to process Discogs release with a format with no qty


  • [JAIKOZ-643] - Make separator more like separator, not empty tile
  • [JAIKOZ-653] - Make use of changes in Musicbrainz schema release, such as releases with multiple release events
  • [JAIKOZ-666] - Make Autocorrecter:Available tasks column Sorted
  • [JAIKOZ-675] - Make all music files the default used in Open Files instead of mp3
  • [JAIKOZ-686] - Improve iTunes on Window code by talking directly to itl file and bypassing xml file that can be incorrect
  • [JAIKOZ-711] - Add support for writing new MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASETRACK_ID field
  • [JAIKOZ-713] - Bundle fpcalc 1.0
  • [JAIKOZ-715] - Rewrite artist matching now that MusicBrainz has better alias support
  • [JAIKOZ-716] - Make use of changes in Musicbrainz schema release, such as releases with multiple release events
  • [JAIKOZ-717] - Retrieve Acoustids should submit acoutids that failed to find an acoustid when doing acoustid lookup
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